At Residesa, we offer solutions tailored to each need, seeking as always to exceed their expectations in order to achieve a long-term relationship with the client, since we are aware of the importance of this for our permanence in the market. Feel free to contact us.


Passatge del Torrent de l'Estadella, 26-28
08030 Barcelona

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We work for the progress of all

Our top priority is to offer great products to customers in a win-win objective. We work with enthusiasm and perseverance to obtain benefits both for our company and for the buyers of our products, all within a framework of professionalism, cooperation and assertive communication.

Our clients

Customers are one of the main human assets of our company, for this reason we care about their loyalty as a guarantee of our sustainability. To achieve this, we provide careful and respectful attention, as well as innovative products of unbeatable quality. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can anticipate your needs by offering you professional advice, which on many occasions helps you make better decisions before purchasing a product.


Manufacture of resins for varnishes in Spain and respect for the environment

At Residesa S.L., we are committed to respecting the environment, this guides us to make assertive and comprehensive decisions regarding sustainable consumption, which promotes the reduction of environmental impact, and above all the minimization of waste, as well as efficient use. of resources and raw materials in order to reduce the carbon footprint in the environment in which we operate.