Manufacture of synthetic resins in Spain

Residesa is a company founded in 1992 that is dedicated to the manufacture of synthetic resins.

We stand out in the sector for offering real solutions at very competitive prices, without having to sacrifice quality. Our workforce is made up of professionals with extensive experience in the chemical sector, we also have an excellent technical infrastructure that allows us to have a great capacity to respond to the needs and demands of customers, as well as to be up to all innovations in the market.

The best raw materials for the manufacture of synthetic resins

We are aware that the quality of raw materials is an aspect to seriously consider if we want to produce good resins, for this reason we work with products from well-known brands that guarantee optimal results in all our production processes. 

Our commitment is that your company increases its potential through the resins that we sell.

why choose us

  • At Residesa, we care about offering a personalized customer service, since we are sure that a large part of our business success depends on it, as well as the loyalty of our customers.

  • Our human capital is one of the most important assets of the company and it is for this reason that we spare no effort or budget in investing in its continuous training, since only in this way can we be aware of the innovations in the sector and therefore offer products and services that meet customer expectations.

  • Sustainability is another factor that is important to us. At Residesa, we are committed to the responsible use of natural resources, doing everything possible to reduce our impact on the environment in which we work.

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